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Cryptocurrency Course

New to Bitcoin? Don't get Blockchain?
The Cryptocurrency Course will teach you the essentials of bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency mining and trading.

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Cryptocurrency Course

Welcome Video
Who is this course for?
What you will learn
Understanding Money
Evolution of Money
Functions of Money
What makes good money?
Crypto Basics
What is Blockchain?
Blockchain Characteristics
What are Cryptocurrencies?
What is Bitcoin?
How Bitcoin Works
History of Bitcoin
Is Bitcoin Good Money?
Recap With 10 Bitcoin Facts
Bitcoin Mining
Blockchain Explorers
Blockchain Ecosystem
Your First Cryptocurrency
Before You Invest In Bitcoin
Public and Private Keys
Best Wallets
QR Code
Buying Cryptocurrencies
Accepting Cryptocurrencies
Spending Cryptocurrencies
Selling Cryptocurrencies
Security Tips
Avoiding Scams
ICOs and STOs
Utility Tokens and ICOs
Security Tokens and STOs
What are Airdrops?
How to send ETH
What are Smart Contracts?
How to setup MEW
How to setup MetaMask
ERC20 Compatible Wallets
Units of Ether - Gas and Gwei
Adding Custom Token to MEW
Trading Crypto
Introduction to Trading
Trading Mindset
Bitcoin and Altcoin Relationship
Trade on Binance
Alternative Trading Platforms
Technical Analysis
Trends, Support, and Resistance Levels
Japanese Candlesticks
Candlestick Science
Moving Average
Bullish and Bearish Pennants
Bollinger Bands
Trading Using the Binance App
Pumps and Dumps
Fundemental Analysis
Market Psychology
TA on Twitter
Trading Resources
Trading Terms
Bittrex Exchange
Market Depth
Connect to Coinigy
Bitcoin Whitepaper
180 KB
News Resources
YouTube Channels
Affiliate Opportunities
Academy Affiliate Program
Promote Blockchain Domains
Banner Ads

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