C - Blockchain Technology Course by Blockchain Training Academy

C - Blockchain Technology Course

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about blockchain technology.

What's included?

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Welcome Video
Who Is This Course For?
What You'll Learn
Legal Disclaimer
Understanding Money
Evolution of Money
Functions of Money
What Makes Good Money?
Blockchain Basics
What is a Blockchain?
Blockchain Characteristics
What are Cryptocurrencies?
What is Bitcoin?
How Bitcoin Works
History of Bitcoin
Is Bitcoin Good Money?
Recap With 10 Bitcoin Facts
Bitcoin Mining
Blockchain Explorers
Blockchain Ecosystem
Bitcoin Transaction
Peer-to-Peer Network
Cryptographic Hash Functions
Block Rewards
How Mining Works
Transaction Process
Game Theory
51% Attack
Bitcoin Futures
Atomic Cross-Chain Swaps
Bitcoin Whitepaper
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Blockchain Glossary
147 KB
News Resources
YouTube Channels
Affiliate Opportunities
Academy Affiliate Program
Banner Ads
Promote Blockchain Domains