About Us

Blockchain Training Academy was founded in 2017 by Belal Miah in the United Kingdom. After being introduced to bitcoin by a close friend, Belal started mining bitcoin in 2013. He quickly developed a real passion for blockchain technology and began to share his knowledge using social media. Over the years, Belal has help thousands of individuals across the globe to understand the potential of blockchain. 

In 2017, Belal realised that there was an increasing interest in bitcoin but also an increase in the number of scam projects. He began to work on a course to help people understand the technology and avoid falling victim to scams. He then continued to work on a series of courses and launched the Blockchain Training Academy in 2019.

The Blockchain Training Academy has over 1700 blockchain enthusiasts within the community and 40 community members who work closely to move the project forward and support the rest of the community.

The vision of the Blockchain Training Academy is to become a highly reputable academy known for high quality blockchain education and strong community support.
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